10 Of The All Time Best Addictive Free Android Games

New ages are encompassed by Android Mobile Gaming. Millions of games are currently accessible in Google Play for Android. There are tons of Android games that can be played for free without having to spend any money in Android Mobile. There are many games available that are highly addictive. By addictive we mean that a lot of our free time is killed by playing addictive Android games. These are the very best Android games, so that is they are are so addictive and kill so much of our free time when we play them. In this article, we have collected the top ten of the very best addictive Android games for playing on your Android mobile phone.

1. Subway Surfers


In the Google Play Store, this is among the most downloaded of all Android games. Once players try the game out, they want to keep playing it over and over again. That is why it among the most popular and best Android games that is available. In this Android game, players collect coins and escape from the police.

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  • Swipe acrobatics are lightning fast
  • Paint powered jetpack
  • Hoverboard Surfing
  • Vivid and colorful HD graphics
  • Grind trains with cool crew
  • Help and challenge your friends

2. Jetpack Joyride


This is an arcade-based category Android mobile game. It is a tap screen game with awesome graphics. I really enjoy playing Jetpack Joyride on my Android mobile. I play it over and over again on my Android smartphone.

3. Temple Run


A new Android mobile gaming revolution was started by Temple Run.

This is an adventure Android game. In it, there are many things that you need to do, such as sliding, turning, running and escaping. There are many reasons why people really love this game.


  • Larger monkey
  • Each character has special powers
  • More achievements
  • More powerups
  • New obstacles
  • New gorgeous organic environments
  • Beautiful new graphics

4. Angry Birds


This is among the most addictive games that can be found in the entire play store. Many versions of the game are released by Angry Birds Company for Android mobile. Time and again Angry Bird is able to come up with many addictive features and incredible graphics. You have to hit another pig or bird.


At stake is the Angry Birds survival
Take revenge out on the greedy pigs who have stolen their eggs.
Each bird’s unique powers can be used for destroy the defenses of the pigs.
Hours worth of replay value and challenging physics-based gameplay are featured.
To solve each level requires force, skill and logic

5. Candy Crush Saga


Download this game if you would like to spend time playing this on Android. To complete a level, you will have to crush candy. One thing is for certain, once you play this game for the first time, you’ll want to play it over and over again.


  • To advance across the sugar track and get special surprised, you need to collect sugar drops.
  • Tasty candy graphics leave you craving even more
  • Meet up with the sweetest characters and unwrap delicious environments
  • Helpful magical boost assist with challenging levels
  • To unlock treats complete adventurous levels

6. Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving

This is a car simulation Android game. In the game, you must drive a car and obey all the traffic rules to reach the next level. If you happen to be die hard car lover, this is a must game to have.


  • Dr. Driving will drive you crazy!
  • Burn the streets up with the most visually stunning and fastest driving game
  • You can play on the online multiplayer by signing into your Google account
  • Receive free gold whenever you finish your mission before your multiplayer opponent does (1,000 Gold Max)

7. Fruit Ninja


5 fruity, fun and fantastic years are being celebrated by the Fruit Ninjas. An exclusive robot challenge for Android has also been added on Google play for experienced ninjas. Prepare your throwing stars. You don’t have any excuse for missing it. Fruit Ninja is a fruit slicing Android game. Whenever fruit comes onto your screen, you need to instantly cut it. Fruit Ninja is available for both the iOS phone and Android mobile.

8. Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2

This is among the most addictive and play games that you can have installed on your Android smartphone. The game will really eat up a lot of your time. Unanticipated obstacles and fresh challenges to candy crunching are introduced by Cut the Rope 2. Millions of players from all over the world have been delighted by this physics-based phenomenon. You are going to really love Cut the Rope 2 if you liked the original.


  • All new locations for you to explore. Use an interactive map to travel through to find new locations full of rope cutting action and candy collecting.
  • New characters for you to meet. There are 7 new characters for you to find. The Nommies will help you along your surprising journey.
  • New hats for you to brag about and customize for your Nom. Select finger traces and your favorite candy.
  • All new Om Nom adventures. Completely new gameplay and sound elements plus new graphis, including beingalbe to move Om Nom.
  • New Missions. To complete missions on every level, strategically gather fruits and collect the ideal number of stars.

9. 2048 Number Puzzle Game


This is a puzzle base game for Android mobile. To complete a level, number puzzles must be solved. It is also a puzzle based addictive Android game.


  • Game autosaved automatically
  • Super 2048 Multiplayer mode
  • Unlimited Undo mode
  • Three unique games
  • Night theme to play in bed
  • X-tile mode
  • Survival Time mode

10. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

The Android play store has this free game available. This is the best strategy based Android game. Armies can be made, you can destroy enemies and do battle with other players.


  • Build your very own village so that it is an unbeatable fortress
  • Raise your very own army of Dragons, Wizards, Hog Riders, Archers, Barbarians and other mighty warriors.
  • Battle with players all over the world and take trophies from them
  • Form your ultimate Clan by joining forces with other players
  • Fight in epic Clan Wars against rival Clans
  • Build up 18 unique units having multiple upgrade levels

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